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And -Eccentric Agent- - Kyo (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type-A) [OUT OF PRINT]
Selling Price: $9
And -Eccentric Agent- - Gang 5 (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [OUT OF PRINT]
Selling Price: $9

I ship from USA and try to accommodate to all locations, please see my full sales post here if you are interested in further information, or just send me a message. Thanks~
20th-Mar-2013 11:51 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone!
Im selling Eccentric agent photoset and comment CD!
18th-Dec-2012 04:29 pm - Selling Suzune & Ken cheki♪
コリラックマ meets HONEY

Ken - n.2,3,4 are 7€ / n.1 is 9€ / n.5 is 10€

Suzune  - 5€ each
12th-Nov-2012 05:16 pm - 2 Ikuma Cheki for sale!
Juri 2
> I only accept paypal
> I will hold for up to 1 week
> I ship from the UK and all money should be sent in GBP
> Prices DO NOT include shipping and paypal fees
> I'm not resposible for any items that are damaged or lost after I post them, please take that up with Royal Mail
> I'm willing to consider offers so don't be afraid to ask ^.^
> If anyone has any Juri (Deluhi) cheki's they want to sell or swap for any of the cheki's below, please let me know!

new new edited.jpg

1. Jin (Nega) Signed - £10GBP 
2. Jin (Nega) Signed - £12GBP 
3. Minase (D=Out) Signed - £12GBP 
4. Reika (D=Out) Signed - £12GBP 
5. Shutaro (Gakido) - £8GB SOLD!
6. Yo-Ka (Ex.Valluna -> Diaura) - £8GBP 
7. Zukki (OZ) Signed - £10GBP
8. Aki (OZ) Signed - £13GBP SOLD!
9. Ibuki (D=Out) Signed - £12GBP
10. Ikuma (AND) - £10GBP 
11. Aki (OZ) Signed - £13GBP
12. Aki (OZ) Signed - £13GBP
13. Anzi (Matenrou Opera) Signed - £10GBP
14. Ikuma (AND) Signed - £12GBP
15. Jin (Nega) Signed - £12GBP
16. Kei (Diaura) - £8GBP
17. Minase (D=Out) Signed - £12GBP
18. Sujk (Undivide, ex.Deluhi) - £12GBP
19. Sujk (Undivide, ex.Deluhi) - £10GBP
20. Sujk (Undivide, ex. Deluhi) - £12GBP
21. Yu-Ta (Hero) Signed - £12GBP

Thank you for looking!
8th-Aug-2012 01:59 pm - Help?


Help is needed!

Friend and I are going to travel to Japan later this year and we need to get some concert tickets from trustworthy (and fast)  seller/shopping service. Time would be from soon as possible to around middle of November.

20th-Jun-2011 12:21 am(no subject)
Doofus Ryouga
Hey guys, I've recently updated my sales post on my journal ( http://talene309.livejournal.com/404708.html )
and I have quite a few アンド flyers up for sale.

If you're interested in the flyers or just interested in 'window shopping' please visit that entry. All the details are there.

9th-Dec-2010 11:02 pm - reminder
 We created a new community for アンド:


Here, we have active mods, tags, lyrics directory and a lot more! Please join, and post there!
9th-Dec-2010 11:39 pm - [32] Ikuma icons
lee bw 2
Total: 32 icons



Find the rest here at ledagrafics 
10th-Jun-2010 12:39 pm - [selling] Gab magazine

Hello, hello lovely アンド fans 8D

I have a Gab Magazine with 2!! sites of them for sale HERE

I would gladly appreciate it if you also have a look at my other things for sale.

Thank you ♥ 8D
6th-Jun-2010 06:03 pm - sale
I'm selling hand signed ando card :3

* +5$ shipping
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